Thursday, June 18, 2009

the enchanted cedars

When I first found the red cedar forest, or what was left of it after 44 acres had been clear cut, I was amazed.  It was green and red and had deep mossy paths on which to find our way.  I was inspired to paint it and quickly set up my easel and painted it in oils. Once back at the studio,
I realized that this must be archival so I painted it and  annealed it to a large vase. This has led me to follow other forests and to paint them.  We never know when they will be gone.  Years ago I was told that Oregon no longer had any red cedar forests and yet, here it was.  Found too late to save, as it had been designated ,along with thousands of acres of other forests along the Oregon coast, for cutting.  It was, quiet, pristine, perfect.  Like a cathedral put there to give man solace and comfort. From that point on I have painted  parts of several forests in three states and one province. I am recording what is here in my time so that those who come behind will have a record.   I cannot influence government or industry but I can preserve the truth through my art.
There in will lie the tale.

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  1. Beautifully written! Beautiful way to commemorate the forest!